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Melanie Brown launched The New Zealand Cellar online in 2014, and soon after had crowdfunded a whooping £42,000 to build her very own exclusively New Zealand wine shop and bar in Brixton. Committed to highlighting a skillfully curated range, offering a selection that allows you to understand the quality of the New World, across varied price points, she is the driving force behind two of the most vivacious and thriving wine platforms in the UK. The New Zealand Cellar regularly hosts a wide range of (free) tasting events, which are hugely successful. Since launching, The New Zealand Cellar has been instrumental in transforming perceptions of New Zealand wine in the UK and has scooped the title for ‘Specialist New Zealand Retailer’ at the Decanter Retailer Awards and the International Wine Challenge Retailer awards for 4 years running.

Melanie has been been committed to the wine scene in London for many years. (over a decade, in fact) After beginning her hospitality career as a chef with Peter Gordon at The Providores in London, she transitioned quickly to her wine studies. Her knowledgeable approach and insatiable palate ensures her position as a judge at many wine competitions is invaluable. She has been on the New Zealand panel at the Decanter World Wine Awards (the largest wine competition in the world) for the last 6 years.

Her unique mix of new world wine knowledge, thought leadership and approachable Australasian tone, she (and the team) regularly host tastings for corporate events, parties and groups. These are enhanced by the teams down to earth nature, formidable energy and amazing knowledge - ensuring any event can be tailored to a variety of requirements and budgets. (contact us about our tailored tastings here)

Struck by the strength of Australia's offering, The Australian Cellar launched in the Summer of 2018 to great recognition. Solely an online platform, (for now) Mel saw this as the natural next progression. Uncovering one of the most exciting, enticing and edgiest moments for Australia in the world of wine. The Australian Cellar will be brought to life with regular pop-ups and events with resident Australian food and drink experts, as well as visiting producers, writers and wine gurus.

Both online platforms are based at their warehouse in Brixton, a short walk from The New Zealand Cellar Wine Bar and Shop.

Melanie’s team have been instrumental to the success and recognition both platforms have received. Here they all are, from left to right;

Callum Withington - Mayor of Marketing 

Keelan McCafferty - Customer Custodian 

Mel Brown - Queen B 

Bridgette O’Connor - Social Warrior & Partnership Princess 

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